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Bell Tower | Dubrovnik | How to make Your visit unforgettable

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to visit Bell Tower in Dubrovnik? Dubrovnik’s Bell Tower stands tall and proud at the end of Stradun, in the bustling Luža Square. Forming a captivating part of the city’s architectural ensemble within the Old Town. In fact, many people visit the palace to learn about its history and enjoy the beautiful architecture.

In this article we’ll tell you all about its interesting past. What you can see and do there, how to get there and how to make the most of your visit. So, whether you love history or just want to see amazing views, get ready to discover the magic of the Bell Tower!

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Dubrovnik’s Bell Tower History

This impressive tower, soaring 31 meters into the sky, has been a strong representation of the Dubrovnik city since its original construction back in 1444. Over the years, it has encountered its share of challenges, including significant damage from earthquakes. Especially the notable one in 1667. Concerns about its stability due to leaning towards Stradun led to its demolition in 1928. But the city didn’t lose its iconic tower for long. By 1929, it was rebuilt, mirroring the original design. Only to need repair again after the 1979 Montenegro earthquake. Thankfully, restoration brought it back to its former glory in 1987–1988.

Bell Tower, Dubrovnik's Bell tower,
Dubrovnik’s Bell Tower bell and Maro and Baro figurines

At the heart of the tower’s charm is the bronze bell, created in 1506 by the skilled Ivan Rabljanin. It marks the hours with a sound that locals and visitors alike have grown familiar with. Adding further to the tower’s allure are two bronze figures, Maro and Baro. Also known as the Zelenci (green ones) because of their green patina. These figures, which strike the bell, are replicas from 1929. While the originals now safely housed in the Cultural History Museum at the Rector’s Palace.

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Location of Bell Tower on Dubrovnik Old Town Map

Dubrovnik’s Clock Tower Today

Dubrovnik’s Clock Tower ( no.16 on the map) isn’t just any old tower; it’s a landmark of the Dubrovnik Old Town, beautifully situated next to Sponza Palace. From its spot in Luža Square, it watches over Orlando’s Column and St. Blaise Church, adding to the square’s historical charm. The bell strikers, known locally as Maro and Baro or the ‘zelenci’ (green twins), offer a touch of whimsy and tradition.

While you can’t go inside the tower, there’s no shortage of spots around the city to catch a glimpse of this architectural gem. Whether you’re strolling along the Stradun or exploring the Dubrovnik city walls, make sure to be nearby at noon. That’s when the tower’s antique bells play their pleasant tune, a moment that brings a sense of timelessness to the bustling square below. Though you might only view it from the outside, the Clock Tower’s presence in the southern end of the walled city, near the harbor, makes it a picturesque spot for photos and a lasting memory of Dubrovnik’s historic charm.

Must-see Dubrovnik Attractions

How to Get to Dubrovnik’s Bell Tower

Getting to Dubrovnik’s Bell Tower is easy and straightforward. It’s located right at the end of Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, in Luža Square. Coming from Pile Gate, just head down Stradun, the vibrant and bustling main street filled with shops and cafes, and you’ll find yourself at the square with the Bell Tower. Since it’s such a central spot in the Old Town, you can enjoy a leisurely walk-through Dubrovnik’s beautiful and historic streets until you reach this iconic landmark.

If you’re coming into the Old Town from the Ploče Gate, your route to Dubrovnik’s Bell Tower is just as straightforward but with a different path. After entering through the Ploče Gate, you’ll pass by the imposing Revelin Fortress. From there, continue your journey down St. Dominik Street. Keep walking, and you’ll eventually reach Luža Square, where the Bell Tower stands tall.

Dubrovnik’s Bell Tower location on Google Maps.

Enjoy your visit!

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