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Dubrovnik Pass – Know it All – Expert Advice & Tips

Are you planning to travel to Dubrovnik and visit some of this city’s most popular tourist attractions? Heard about the Dubrovnik Pass, but unsure if it’s worthwhile? Let’s break down Dubrovnik City Pass to see if it saves you money and time!

If you’re thinking about exploring Dubrovnik’s top attractions, the Dubrovnik City Pass might be your key! It lets you visit 12 popular places, like the famous City Walls and museums, for one price. In this case, the Pass is a money-saver! In fact, City Walls tickets alone cost €35, the same as the Daily Pass. So, every extra sight you visit means more savings! In addition: free bus rides and skip-the-line entry to museums!

But what if you have already been to Dubrovnik? Or do you want to visit just some of Dubrovnik landmarks? The Pass might not be your best friend. In fact, individual tickets could be cheaper if you only want to see a few places.

Let’s explore further and see if you really need one and what type of Dubrovnik Pass you can choose from. Which Dubrovnik attractions entrances it covers, and for how long. We’ll help you choose the right Pass and make the most of it.

Let’s start with answering some of the most common questions regarding traveling to Dubrovnik Pass.

Dubrovnik Pass FAQ

How much is the Dubrovnik City Pass?

The Dubrovnik City Pass’s price varies depending on how long you want to use it for. You can choose from different options like a 1-day, 3-day, or 7-day pass. The cost goes up with each option, making it flexible for short trips or longer stays. However, the cost of 1 Day Pass is 35 euros a person, 3 Day Pass 45 euros, meanwhile 7 Day Pass is 55 euros a person in summer time (Mar 1, 2024 – Oct 31, 2024). While the cost of 1 Day Pass is 15 euros a person, 3 Day Pass 25 euros, meanwhile 7 Day Pass is 35 euros a person in winter (Nov 1, 2023 – Feb 29, 2024).

What does the Dubrovnik card cover?

Every type of Dubrovnik Pass in fact covers same attractions: Dubrovnik City Walls, 7 museums and 2 galleries. In addition, 3 Day and 7 Day Pass covers extra 2 museums plus discounts at certain restaurants. Each Pass also covers bus rides for certain period of time, depending on the Pass you choose. 1 Day Pass covers 24 hours of free bus rides, 3 Day Pass – 72 hours, meanwhile 7 Day Pass covers 168 hours of free bus rides.

How does the Dubrovnik pass work?

Using the Dubrovnik pass is pretty easy. It starts working when you first use it at an attraction or pick up bus tickets. Just show your card at the entrance of attractions, and you’re in. The card also comes with a guidebook to help you find all the places it covers.

Is cable car included in Dubrovnik pass?

The cable car ride, a popular way to see Dubrovnik from above, isn’t included in the Dubrovnik pass. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy a ride up the mountain. Just remember, you’ll need to pay for this separately. It’s definitely worth it for the amazing views of the city and the sea.

The most convinient way of buying tickets is directly at the cable car stations. Payments can be made in euros and by credit cards. If you want to avoid waiting in line, you can in fact buy tickets online. The price however is 27 euros round-trip for adults, meanwhile children round-trip ticket (4 – 12 years) is 7 euros.

Dubrovnik Pass Types

There are three Passes to choose from:

  1. Dubrovnik Daily Pass: Perfect for a quick sightseeing visit.
  2. 3 Day Pass: Explore more without rushing.
  3. 7 Day Pass: Stay longer and visit attractions outside the city.

Now, who needs a Pass? Only adults (7+ years old) need to buy one. In fact, children under 7 get free entry to most Dubrovnik attractions. So, keep in mind that there are no discounts for teens or students.

So, how do you choose the best Pass? It all boils down to few factors:

  • Firstly, your stay: How long are you visiting Dubrovnik?
  • Secondly, your plans: Which Dubrovnik landmarks are on your must-see list and in what period?

Keep in mind: All attractions (10), covered by the Passes are located within Dubrovnik’s compact Old Town area. While, the 3 Day Pass, and 7 Day Pass include 2 extra attractions outside the city.

Activating your Pass: It starts working when you first use it at an attraction or pick up bus tickets.

For Example: You buy a 3 Day Pass on August 1st and use it at the City Walls on August 3rd. It’s valid until August 5th.

Dubrovnik City Pass Price

As of today, March 2024, Dubrovnik City Pass prices are:

SeasonDaily Pass3-Day Pass7-Day Pass
Winter (Nov 1, 2023 – Feb 29, 2024)€15€25€35
Summer (Mar 1, 2024 – Oct 31, 2024)€35€45€55
Dubrovnik Pass Price

Remember to factor in the season when choosing your Pass, as prices increase in the summer months.

Which attractions does each Dubrovnik City Pass actually covers?

Let’s first break it down and understand how many and which Dubrovnik attractions each Dubrovnik City Pass covers:

All 3 Types of Dubrovnik Pass cover visits to:

  • Dubrovnik City Walls
  • 7 Museums:

1. Ethnografic Museum – google maps

2. Archeological exhibitions located in Revelin Fortress – google maps

3. Dubrovnik’s Natural History Museum – google maps

4. Franciscan Monastery Museum and church – google maps

5. Cultural History Museum located in Rector’s Palace – google maps

6. Maritime Museum located in Fort St. John – google maps

7. House of Marin Držić – google maps

  • 2 Galleries:

1. Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery – google maps

2. The Pulitika Studio – google maps

Dubrovnik pass attractions, Dubrovnik city pass,
Dubrovnik City Pass grants you entrance to iconic City Walls!

1. City walls

Start your Old Town adventure with Dubrovnik’s amazing walls! In fact, the Dubrovnik city Pass lets you enjoy stunning views, and it’s no wonder this experience tops the list of reasons visitors buy the Pass.

Built way back in the 8th century, these walls were added to for hundreds of years, becoming the impressive structure we see today. As a result, prepare for a 2-kilometer walk (1.5-2 hours depending on how fast you go and how many people are there) and go counterclockwise.

Furthermore, five forts stand along the walls, each with its own unique story. For instance, explore the round Minčeta Tower, built to counter the rise of cannons. Next, discover the strategic Revelin Fort by the Ploče Gate, followed by St. John Fort guarding the harbor entrance for centuries. Moreover, feel the power of Bokar Fort jutting out towards the southwest. While the Lovrjenac Fortress stands detached from the City Walls just a stone throw away!

Tip: Beat the summer crowds by arriving early. Choose your starting point: Stradun near Pile Gate, the Dominican Monastery at Ploče Gate, or St. John Fort.

DateOpen Hours
January 1 – February 2810:00 AM – 3:00 PM
March 1 – March 319:00 AM – 3:00 PM
April 1 – May 319:00 AM – 6:30 PM
June 1 – July 318:00 AM – 7:30 PM
August 1 – September 158:00 AM – 7:00 PM
September 16 – October 319:00 AM – 6:00 PM
November 1 – December 319:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Dubrovnik ethnografic museum, Dubrovnik Pass, Dubrovnik City Pass, Dubrovnik daily pass,
Rupe Ethnographic Museum is included in Dubrovnik Pass

2. Ethnografic Museum

Your Dubrovnik city Pass unlocks the Rupe Ethnographic Museum, housed in the old city granary’s former grain cellars. Though the vaults themselves are not accessible, you can still witness their historical presence.

Step inside and discover a fascinating collection! Photos capture local cultural activities, while agricultural tools and traditional clothing bring bygone eras to life. It’s a great way to explore Croatian “folk” culture.

Did you know? The granary’s name comes from the deep holes (“rupe”) carved into the rock for storing grain. These 15 “silos” once held a whopping 1,500 tons of grain.

Explore the museum’s treasures: in fact, over 6,500 exhibits showcasing the Dubrovnik region’s rich heritage. The first- floor dives into agricultural and trade practices, while the second floor showcases the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Tip: Don’t miss the stunning views of Old Town rooftops! Just head up the stairs to the second floor.

DateOpen Hours
November 3 – March 219:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Closed Wednesdays
March 22 – November 29:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Closed Wednesdays
Dubrovnik archeological Museum, Dubrovnik attractions, Dubrovnik Pass, Dubrovnik city pass
Archeological Museum entrance is also granted with Dubrovnik City Pass

3. Archeological Exhibitions in Revelin Fortress

Looking for more history beyond Old Town streets? Flash your Dubrovnik city Pass and unlock the fascinating Archaeological Museum!

Unlike other museums, this one doesn’t have a permanent home. Instead, it travels to different locations, showcasing Dubrovnik’s rich archaeological past. Right now, you can find it on the ground floor of Revelin Fortress.

Explore the museum’s treasures through several sections:

  • Early Medieval Sculpture: You can see beautiful columns, capitals, portals, and windows carved from stone centuries ago.
  • Braid Ornaments: You can enjoy intricate braided designs and floral motifs from the early medieval period.

Remember, as the Museum moves around, check its website for the current location before your visit.

DateOpen Hours
January 1 – December 3110:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Closed Wednesdays
The entrance to Natural History Museum is also granted with Dubrovnik City Pass!

4. Dubrovnik’s Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in Dubrovnik holds nature’s wonders! Founded in 1872, it started as a private collection and has grown into a fascinating exploration of our planet.

Unlike busy tourist spots, this museum offers a peaceful atmosphere. Perfect for enjoying its exhibits at your own pace. While relatively small, the quality of its displays is fantastic. You can explore them in 30-60 minutes, depending on how much you like reading the information provided.

You’ll find amazing displays of insects, birds, sharks, turtles, and even dolphins. And if you have the Dubrovnik Pass, admission is free!

However, if you’re not particularly interested in stuffed animals, you might want to consider other attractions. The museum showcases ten collections, including mollusks, minerals, fossils, and more. But its focus is animal specimens.

DayOpen Hours
Monday – Saturday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Dubrovnik attractions, Franciscan Monastery and Church, Dubrovnik Pass

5. Franciscan Monastery, Museum and Church

The Dubrovnik Pass opens the door to another spot: the Franciscan Monastery Museum.

First, explore a giant library with tons of books, some over 500 years old! In fact, it’s a real treat for book lovers. Moreover, wander through a cool 14th-century abbey. Each unique relic whispers stories of the past, transporting you back in time.

Next, step into the small Monastery’s Pharmacy, certainly one of the oldest still open in Europe! Check out furniture and tools from long ago, plus lots of old prescriptions. Furthermore, these offer a glimpse into how medicine used to be!

Also, don’t miss the super valuable manuscripts and music sheets, awesome paintings by unknown artists, and even a super old box holding St. Ursula’s head!

Finally, be amazed by the south entrance with its fancy Gothic carvings. Don’t miss the touching statue of a mother holding her son, carved in 1498 by brothers Leonard and Peter Petrović – it’s still stunning today!

Date RangeOpen Hours
November 3 – March 219:00 AM – 2:00 PM
March 22 – November 29:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Dubrovnik Cultural History Museum, Dubrovnik attractions

6. Cultural History Museum in Rector’s Palace

With Dubrovnik Pass, you can add the majestic Rector’s Palace to your list! This isn’t just any building – it was the heart of the Dubrovnik Republic. Housing both the government and the residence of the “Rector,” the country’s top official. But wait, there’s more! Keep reading for a peek inside the fascinating Cultural History Museum.

First mentioned in 1272, the palace started life as a fortified castle. A commanding center for governing the city. Over time, its defensive role faded, and it transformed into a grand palace, with two floors, a porch, and towers. Inside, the most important government bodies held court: the Rector, the Great Council, and more. It also housed offices, a prison, and even a weapons stash!

Fun fact: To prevent any power grabs, each Rector only served for one month. During which they couldn’t leave the palace except for official duties!

Today, the palace is home to the Cultural History Museum, showcasing Dubrovnik’s rich past. So, explore portraits of famous residents, look at historic city gate keys, and discover treasures from the old “Domus Christi” pharmacy.

Date RangeOpen HoursClosed
November 3 – March 219:00 AM – 4:00 PMWednesdays
March 22 – November 29:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Fort St John, Dubrovnik pass price, Dubrovnik pass attractions
Dubrovnik Pass grants you visit to Fort St. John and Maritime Museum

7. Maritime Museum in St. John’s Fort

Show your Dubrovnik Pass and unlock the Maritime Museum! Inside you can explore fascinating objects, paintings, and documents that tell the story of Dubrovnik’s long history at sea.

Firstly, delve into a treasure trove of maps, instruments, and other seafaring tools used by explorers of old. See how Dubrovnik traded across the Adriatic and beyond, becoming a powerful merchant republic rivaling even Venice!

After that, explore 15 unique collections packed with amazing objects that reveal the secrets of Dubrovnik’s maritime success. Learn how they built ships, traded skillfully, and rose to power on the seas!

Date RangeOpen HoursClosed
November 3 – March 219:00 AM – 4:00 PMWednesdays
March 22 – November 29:00 AM – 6:00 PMWednesdays
Dubrovnik attractions, House of Marin Držoć, Dubrovnik Pass, Dubrovnik daily Pass
Entrance is likewise granted with Dubrovnik Pass!

8. House of Marin Držić

The Dubrovnik Pass unlocks another treasure: The House of Marin Držić, a personal museum dedicated to the famous local playwright and poet. Držić is considered one of Croatia’s most important Renaissance writers.

Since Držić lived in the 16th century, no personal belongings remain. But this unique museum is like a theater itself, filled with props, set designs, costumes, and even modern art inspired by his work.

Explore materials and props used in performances of Držić’s plays, both in Croatia and around the world. Dolls, costumes, portraits, posters, and photos bring his stories to life.

Want to know more about Držić? Grab an audio guide and listen to his fascinating biography while you explore.

Date RangeOpen Hours
All year round9:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Dubrovnik attractions, Dubrovnik landmarks, Dubrovnik Pass

9. Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery

Your Dubrovnik Pass opens the door to a creative gem – the Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery! Don’t be fooled by its size, in fact this gallery packs a punch with awesome paintings filling two floors. Named after three legendary Dubrovnik artists, it’s a must-visit for any art enthusiast.

First, head downstairs to explore the permanent collection of these artistic giants. Each masterpiece whispers stories of Dubrovnik’s thriving art scene. Next, journey upstairs for a modern twist with temporary exhibitions showcasing hotshot contemporary artists.

A Touch of History: On the ground floor, discover the Ronald Brown Memorial House. This special space pays tribute to the US Secretary of Commerce who tragically passed away in a plane crash near Dubrovnik in 1996.

Date RangeOpen Hours
All year round9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Pulitika studio Dubrovnik

10. The Pulitika Studio Gallery

Just beside the Maritime Museum in St. John Fort, you’ll discover Atelier Pulitika Studio! This isn’t just any studio; it was the private workspace of Đuro Pulitika, a legendary Croatian artist. After his passing in 2006, it was transformed into a vibrant exhibition gallery.

Step Back in Time: Peek into the back room, where Pulitika himself created the paintings, you see displayed in the front gallery. It’s like stepping into his personal art haven! Meanwhile, the larger front room keeps things fresh with rotating exhibitions by other local artists.

Date RangeOpen HoursClosed
All year round9:00 AM – 3:00 PMMondays

In addition, the Daily Dubrovnik pass entitles you to a 1-day bus ticket with 24 hours of free transport using city transport buses. That is to say, the bus ticket becomes valid from the moment of first activation of the bus, and cardholders can ride the next 24 hours.

Dubrovnik 3 Day Pass – covers visits to:

  • While it covers all Dubrovnik attractions included in the Daily Pass, it also grants you access to 2 extra locations:
  1. The Bukovac House located in Cavtat (25 – minute ride from Dubrovnik) – google maps.
  2. Konavle County Museum located in Čilip (also 25 – minute ride from Dubrovnik) – google maps.
The Bukovac House, Dubrovnik
Likewise, visit to Bukovac House is granted with Dubrovnik City Pass.

1. The Bukovac House

Dive into the art and life of Vlaho Bukovac, a celebrated Croatian painter, by visiting his former home! Transformed into a gallery, it showcases his talent across two floors:

  • Family Glimpses: Peek into Bukovac’s personal life through heartwarming portraits of his loved ones.
  • Artistic Exploration: Journey through his artistic evolution with oil paintings from his time in Paris, Zagreb, Prague, and his beloved Cavtat.

Step outside and admire the murals painted by young Bukovac himself, adorning the beautiful gardens!

Date RangeOpen Hours
All year round9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Konavle County Museum

2. Konavle County Museum

Step back in time at the Konavle County Museum, located in a historic stone house in Čilipi. This museum showcases the rich culture and traditions of the Konavle region.

Until 1991, the museum felt like a typical Konavle house. Furniture, household items, even a hearth! You could see traditional clothes, embroidery, and weaving, all collected from residents.

Sadly, the museum was destroyed during the Homeland War. Many treasures were lost forever.

In 2007, the museum was rebuilt and reopened. Today, you can explore a fantastic exhibition of Konavle’s folk costumes and textile crafts.

More to See: The Cavtat Embroidery Association adds its own unique touch with beautiful pieces.

700+ Treasures: Discover almost 700 objects, including:

  • Traditional clothes for men and women
  • Stunning embroidery and other textile crafts
  • Jewelry, weapons, and musical instruments
  • Paintings, photos, and everyday items
Date RangeOpen Hours
All year round9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

  • Additionally, the 3 day Dubrovnik pass entitles you to a 3 day bus ticket with 72 hours of free transport using city transport buses. To clarify, the bus ticket becomes valid from the moment of first activation of the bus, and cardholders can ride the next 72 hours.

Dubrovnik 7 Day Pass covers visits to:

  • Dubrovnik 7 Day City Pass covers all Dubrovnik attractions included in the Daily Pass and 3 Day Pass
  • In addition, the 7 day Dubrovnik pass entitles you to a 7 day bus ticket with 168 hours of free transport using city transport buses. As mentioned before, the bus ticket becomes valid from the moment of first activation of the bus, and cardholders can ride the next 168 hours.

To summarize:

Firstly, all 3; the Daily, 3 Day and 7 Day Passes cover the core Dubrovnik attractions experience:

  • Iconic City Walls, 7 museums and 2 galleries

Secondly, the 3 Day Pass offers more:

  • Bukovac House in Cavtat and the Konavle County Museum in Čilip (both are a 25-minute ride away).
  • Extend your public transport: Enjoy 3 days of free bus rides instead of just 1.

But what about the 7 Day Pass? It simply extends the Dubrovnik 3 Day Pass benefits to a full week, with 7 days of free transport.

Therefore, if you plan a longer stay and want to venture outside the city walls, the 3 Day Pass is worth considering.

On the other hand, if your time is limited and you mainly want to explore Dubrovnik old town itself, then Dubrovnik Daily Pass might be enough.

Getting around Dubrovnik with your Pass!

All Dubrovnik Pass types include free bus tickets! Ride the orange Libertas buses anywhere in the city. No trams, trains, or ferries here (sorry, Lokrum Island needs separate tickets!).

To hop on a bus:

  1. Show your Pass to the ticket seller at Libertas points (Pile, Lapad, Mokošica, Grawe).
  2. Or, show the QR code on your Pass to the bus driver – they’ll scan it and print a ticket or give you the go-ahead.

When does it start? Your Pass activates when you collect the bus ticket, but the hour validity starts from your first bus ride.

Tip: Download the “LibertasApp” app to track bus real-time!

Dubrovnik pass bus tickets

Dubrovnik Pass – Bonus Discounts and Prices

As mentioned above, each Dubrovnik City Pass entitles you to diferent percentage of discounts when visiting culture and heritage sights. Let’s explore them:

Attraction1-Day Pass3-Day Pass7-Day Pass
Dubrovnik Summer Festival10% discount30% discount50% discount
Folk Ensemble Linđo10% discount10% discount10% discount
Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra10% discount10% discount10% discount
Čilipi Folklore12.5% discount12.5% discount12.5% discount
Lazareti50% discount50% discount50% discount
Rector’s Palace Slano€3 entrance fee included€3 entrance fee included€3 entrance fee included
Heritage House Dubrovačko Primorje€3 entrance fee included€3 entrance fee included€3 entrance fee included
Ston Walls€8 (Mar-Oct) €5 (Nov-Feb)€8 (Mar-Oct) €5 (Nov-Feb)€8 (Mar-Oct) €5 (Nov-Feb)
Sokol Fortress in Konavle€8 (Mar-Oct) €5 (Nov-Feb)€8 (Mar-Oct) €5 (Nov-Feb)€8 (Mar-Oct) €5 (Nov-Feb)
Lokrum Nature ReserveNo discount20% discount30% discount
Račić Family MausoleumNo discount30% discount30% discount
Mljet National ParkNo discountNo discount30% discount
Love Stories Museum20% discount20% discount20% discount
Red History Museum20% discount20% discount20% discount
Dubrovnik Culture & Heritage Discounts and Prices with Dubrovnik Pass
Fort Minčeta Dubrovnik, Minčeta Dubrovnik attractions

Not all attractions are covered by the Dubrovnik Pass!

Also, some popular spots aren’t included in the Pass, like the Cable Car, Lokrum Island, and museums like Love Stories and Red History.

But don’t worry! Dubrovnik offers plenty of free sights too, like Sponza Palace, the Cathedral, and St. Blaise Church. So, read our guide on how to visit Dubrovnik attractions and explore freely!

Must-see Dubrovnik Attractions

Save with your Pass at local hotspots:

Sure, Dubrovnik city Pass unlocks amazing attractions, but did you know it also saves you money at local businesses? From restaurants and bars to boat cruises and souvenir shops. And that’s just the beginning! Explore the full list of partner businesses on the Dubrovnik Pass website.

Choose Your Dubrovnik Pass Wisely: It’s All About Savings!

Now that you know what the Pass offers, let’s see if it’s worth it for you. Here’s a simple guide:

1. List your must-see attractions: Decide which sights you absolutely want to visit while in Dubrovnik. Be realistic about how much time you have.

2. Check entrance fees: Furthermore, look up the price for each attraction online or in a guidebook. Add them up to get your total cost.

3. Choose your Pass: Compare your total cost to the different Dubrovnik city Pass options (1-day, 3-day, 7-day). Don’t forget to factor in discounts for things like public buses and boat trips.

Here are some examples:

  • Short stay (Old Town): You want to see City Walls, Rector’s Palace, museums, and Lokrum Island. Normal price: €99. You need 2 days, so a 3-Day Pass (€45) with Lokrum discount and bus pass (€21) is €66, saving you 33%!
  • Longer stay (regional exploration): You’ll visit Cavtat, Ston, Mljet Island, and Dubrovnik highlights. Normal price: €175. You need 6 days, so a 7-Day Pass (€55) with discounts is €110, saving you 37%!


  • Even for a short visit, the Daily Pass can be worth it if you plan to see the City Walls and museums.
  • The difference between Pass types is small, so consider potential savings from restaurants, tours, and shops offering Pass discounts.
  • Remember, the Pass saves you time waiting in ticket lines!

With all this information, you can now certainly decide if the Dubrovnik City Pass is your key to saving money and maximizing your Dubrovnik adventure!

Can I buy Dubrovnik City Pass online?

Yes, in fact, you can buy Dubrovnik Pass online, saving you time and stress. Therefore, no more visits to hotels and agencies – simply head to the official website and easily get your Pass.

Instead of a physical card, you’ll receive a unique QR code on your phone, acting as your key to unlocking Dubrovnik’s attractions. However, if you prefer a physical copy, no problem! Just print the code and use it to claim tickets or enter attractions directly.

Make the most of your Dubrovnik Pass – Tips!

Plan ahead: Decide which attractions you want to see and if the Pass makes sense before buying.

Start early: Use your Pass on your first day to maximize its value. Remember, it’s active for 24, 3, or 7 days, depending on your choice.

Longer stay, better value: The longer you stay, the more attractions you can visit, making the Pass more worthwhile. A family of three could save €30!

Focus on expensive attractions: If your Pass doesn’t cover your entire stay, prioritize high-cost entries like the City Walls.

Plan beyond the Dubrovnik City Pass: Consider adding activities like the Cable Car or Lokrum Island, not covered by the Pass.

Use the app: Download the Pass app for info, discounts, and attraction details.

Check opening days: Not all attractions are open every day. Double-check schedules before heading out.

Time it right: Set aside enough time for each attraction, as you can only enter once with the Dubrovnik City Pass.

Kids and the Pass: Children often get discounts or free entry at many attractions. Compare prices before buying a Pass for them.

Example: If you only plan to visit the Walls (100HRK for children), buying a €35 Pass might not be the best value.

Dubrovnik City Pass: Pros & Cons

Good things about the Pass:

  • Saves money (especially if you stay longer)
  • Saves time (skip lines!)
  • Free bus rides in Dubrovnik
  • Big discounts on local businesses

Not-so-good things:

  • Not everything is included
  • Some places are closed sometimes
  • Some things are far away
  • Not many places to get Dubrovnik Pass bus tickets

If you aren’t purchasing the Dubrovnik City Pass, you can consider the Dubrovnik Museums tickets to visit the (10) main museums. Price: €20 for adults, €8 for kids and students. Or family ticket: valid for up to 2 adults with children of the family aged 14 or younger €45.

Explore Dubrovnik for Free Guide

Dubrovnik offers countless wonders, and in fact, many are free to visit! Here is our GUIDE to stunning landmarks you can explore without spending a dime! Remember, even without spending on attractions, Dubrovnik’s charm lies in exploring its cobbled streets, vibrant atmosphere, and friendly locals. So, wander, discover, and enjoy the “Pearl of the Adriatic”!

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