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Puerta de Ploče: tu camino a la hermosa Dubrovnik

If you’re exploring Dubrovnik, you’ll likely come across the Ploče Gate. It’s the main entrance to the city’s famous old town from the Eastern side. Right away, you’ll see that this gate isn’t just any old door; it’s a piece of history that takes you straight into the heart of Dubrovnik.

Mapa del casco antiguo de Dubrovnik
Mapa del casco antiguo de Dubrovnik

Firstly, the Ploče Gate isn’t just an ordinary entrance; it’s a key to Dubrovnik’s fascinating history. Constructed in the 14th century, it has witnessed the comings and goings of countless individuals, from ancient traders to tourists of today. Essentially, it’s a historical sentinel, overseeing the city across ages.

Historical Significance

Ploče Gate Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik attractions, Dubrovnik landmarks
View from Ploče Gate bridge on St. John Fort in Dubrovnik

Historically speaking, the Ploče Gate was indeed key to keeping Dubrovnik safe. The city was in fact an important trade hub, and it was crucial to protect it from invaders. This gate, with its strong walls and defense tricks, worked well to keep out danger. It was the main way into Dubrovnik, showing both safety and welcome at the same time.

Architectural Details

Ploče gate Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik attractions, Dubrovnik landmarks, Entrance in Dubrovnik Old Town,

Moreover, looking closer at its build, the gate has an outer and an inner part. The outer side faced the land and was the first line of defense while the inner side led into Dubrovnik’s old town. A stone bridge and a once-water-filled moat between these parts added extra safety and a bit of history.

Dedication to Saint Blaise

Ploče Gate Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik attractions, Dubrovnik landmarks
Statue of St. Blaise over Ploče Gate entrance in Dubrovnik Old Town

Also, the gate gives a nod to Saint Blaise. You’ll see his statue at the entrance, watching over the city. He’s celebrated as the protector of Dubrovnik, credited with saving the city from an attack by Venice. His presence at the gate is a reminder of this tale.

Role During the Republic of Ragusa

Ploče Gate Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik attractions, Dubrovnik landmarks
Beautiful view from the Ploče Gate / Vrata od Ploča (eastern entrance in Dubrovnik Old Town) on Old Port

In the time of the Republic of Ragusa, the Ploče Gate was crucial for city access control. It was locked up every night, keeping the city safe. This careful control helped keep Dubrovnik independent and wealthy, even in tough times.

The Ploče Gate Today

Dubrovnik old Town

Moreover, the gate leads you right to some of the best spots in Dubrovnik. Just a short walk away, you can find the vibrant Luža Square, teeming with must-see sites like the iconic Sponza Palace and the elegant Iglesia de San Blas, along with countless cafes, restaurants, and shops. It’s like the gate is the start of a treasure hunt, and the whole city, with its rich history and cultural landmarks, is yours to explore.

Especially during the summer, the area around the Ploče Gate comes to life. It’s full of people from all over the world, all here to see what makes Dubrovnik so special. And while it might get busy, that’s just part of the fun. It shows how much everyone loves this place.

However, don’t think the gate is only about the past. It also shows how Dubrovnik has grown and changed over the years. It’s a mix of old and new, history and today. And that’s what makes it such a cool place to start your visit.

The Gate of Ploče has also gained fame among fans of the popular television series Game of Thrones. It made appearances in episodes “The Ghost of Harrenhal” and “Mother’s Mercy”. In fact, it is the unforgettable scene where Cersei Lannister makes her dramatic entrance after her Walk of Shame.

Atracciones imprescindibles de Dubrovnik

Ploče Gate – Local Tips

  • Local Tips: To explore the captivating Dubrovnik City walls seek out one of the entrance points conveniently located near the Ploče Gate.
  • Consigue el Paso de Dubrovnik! It helps you save money, especially if you’re in Dubrovnik for a few days. In fact, even the basic One-day Dubrovnik Pass is a good deal. It’s priced at €35 per person, the same as the City Walls entrance fee. But here’s the bonus – it also covers entry to major attractions and museums in the city, including the City Walls, and includes bus tickets to get you around. You can read more about Paso de Dubrovnik here.
  • Ploče Gate Dubrovnik location on mapas de Google
  • Ploče Gate is open 24 hours and all gates/ entrances in Casco antiguo de Dubrovnik are free of charge

¿Cómo llegar allá?

To get to the Ploče Gate in Dubrovnik, you have a couple of straightforward options. Firstly, if you’re arriving by air and landing at Dubrovnik Airport, you can catch a bus or take a taxi to reach the Old Town. The airport bus is a budget-friendly choice and drops you off near Ploče Gate, making it super easy for you to start exploring right away. However, if you’re looking for a quicker and more direct route, a taxi will take you straight to Ploče Gate but at a higher cost.

For those staying in Dubrovnik or nearby, local buses run frequently and serve as an efficient way to reach Ploče Gate. Just hop on a bus that heads to the Old Town, and you’re set.

And lastly, if you’re up for a scenic walk, navigating your way to Ploče Gate on foot can be a delightful experience, especially if you’re staying within the city. This way, you can soak in the sights and sounds of Dubrovnik as you make your way to the iconic gate.


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