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Dubrovnik City Walls Tickets | Where to Buy | Full Guide

Getting your hands on Dubrovnik Walls tickets is a key part of your journey if you’re planning a trip to the historic site. This guide is here to help you navigate where to buy Dubrovnik City Walls tickets, understand the costs involved, and offer tips to make your visit as cost-effective as possible.

Dubrovnik City Walls Tickets FAQ

Let’s start with answering some of the most common questions regarding Dubrovnik City Walls tickets.

Where can you buy Dubrovnik City Walls tickets?

You’ve got a few options for buying tickets to the Dubrovnik City Walls. You can choose the most convenient one for you. Here’s where you can get your tickets:

  1. Online: Buying tickets online is the most convenient way.
  2. Ticket Offices: There is a ticket office located at the main entrance to Old Town, Pile Gate.
  3. At the Entrances: Tickets are also available at the booths of the three main entrances to the City Walls: Pile Gate, Ploče Gate, and near St. John’s Fort.

Where is the Dubrovnik Walls tickets office?

The main office for the Dubrovnik Walls tickets is conveniently located next to the Large Onofrio’s Fountain, right by the Pile Gate entrance to Old Town. This is the primary spot for purchasing tickets directly before you start your exploration. Additionally, you can buy tickets at the other two entrances: one near the Ploče Gate and another by St. John’s Fortress, each equipped with a ticket booth for easy access.

What is the Dubrovnik Walls tickets official site?

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, as well as secure online ticket purchases for the Dubrovnik City Walls, head over to their official website. This is the safest and most straightforward way to get your Dubrovnik Walls tickets before your visit, allowing you to bypass the queues at the entrance. It’s important to buy directly from the official site to avoid overcharges that third-party sites may add, sometimes marking up the prices by 25%-40% while complicating the ticket retrieval process. Stick to the official website for the best rates and hassle-free entry.

How much do Dubrovnik Walls tickets cost?

Adult’s Dubrovnik Walls tickets are priced at €35. For children aged 7 to 18, tickets cost €15, making it a more affordable option for families. Additionally, children under the age of 7 get to explore the Walls for free, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Students, you’re in luck as well; you can grab your tickets for just €15, but remember, you’ll need to show a valid International Student Card (ISIC) or European Youth Card at the ticket office to secure this discounted rate.

What does the Dubrovnik Walls tickets include?

Your Dubrovnik Walls tickets allow you a one-time entry to walk around the entire length of the City Walls. But that’s not all; your ticket also includes a visit to the iconic Fort Lovrjenac, a detached fort that’s part of Dubrovnik’s defensive system, yet sits outside the main Wall. In addition, you gain access to Western Outer Wall. It’s a bit hidden but find your way to the upper corner of the Old Town, under the Minčeta tower, and you’re there. Inside, there’s a cool museum set over a historical foundry, with a modern and well-done presentation.

After your ticket gets scanned, it remains valid for 72 hours (3 days). Giving you the flexibility to plan your visit to the fort within this timeframe, either before or after your wall walk. However, it’s important to note that the ticket allows for only one visit to both. If you decide to explore Fort Lovrjenac first and wish to visit the City Walls later, or vice versa, remember, you can do each once with a single ticket purchase.

Good to Know Before You Go!

Dubrovnik City Walls, impressive and full of stories, are a solid proof of Dubrovnik’s spirit and resilience. These walls, as intricate and lengthy as the history they protect, have helped Dubrovnik become a must-see destination for travelers from around the globe. Dubrovnik, a city rich in history, has always stood out, even when faced with the might of neighbors like the Ottomans and Venice. Thanks to its clever diplomacy, it managed to maintain its independence for centuries.

So, when you visit Dubrovnik, checking out the city walls is a must. But here’s a tip: buy your Dubrovnik Walls tickets ahead of time. This way, you’re ready to dive into the experience without any delays.

Dubrovnik City Walls Tickets Price
️ Adult Ticket Price€35
️ Student Ticket Price€15 (with valid ID)
️ Children 7-18 Years€15
️ Children 0-7 YearsFree
Valid for72 hours
IncludesEntry to the City Walls, Fort Lovrjenac, and Western Outer Walls
Ticket Shop:https://shop.citywallsdubrovnik.hr/en/buy-tickets-for-the-following-locations
Dubrovnik City Walls Tickets Price

How much do the Dubrovnik City Walls tickets cost?

If you’re aiming to explore the iconic Dubrovnik City Walls, figuring out the ticket situation is your first step. Here’s a quick rundown to make sure you’re all set for this adventure.

  • Adults pay €35 each.
  • For kids under 7 with an adult, it’s free.
  • For kids aged 7 to 18, tickets cost €15.
  • Students can get a discount at €15 with a physical International Student Card (ISIC), Croatia Student Cards or European Youth Cards – digital versions won’t work. A heads-up: online tickets are only for adults or children, no student rates there.
  • Planning a visit during the off-season? Good news! From November to February, adult tickets drop to €15, and kids’ tickets are only €5.

A little tip to save some cash: buy your Dubrovnik Walls tickets directly at the gate or online. Skip those third-party sites because they tack on a hefty 25%-40% fee. Yeah, €35 isn’t exactly pocket change, but the experience is totally worth it. In fact, most of that ticket price goes back into taking care of the walls.


And here’s a tip to stretch your money further: consider the Dubrovnik Pass. Not only does it grant you free entry to the Dubrovnik Walls, but it also opens doors to 10 or 12 of Dubrovnik attractions (depending on the Pass you have). Furthermore, it offers free public transport and discounts on various activities. The Pass comes in three flavors—Daily (€35), Three-Day (€45), and Seven-Day (€55)—matching the Dubrovnik Walls tickets price for a day. So, it’s a fantastic deal to enhance your Dubrovnik experience while saving cash.

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Where to buy Dubrovnik City Walls tickets?

If you’re planning a trip to see the majestic Walls of Dubrovnik, you’ll need to know where to buy tickets. You’ve got several options for where to buy them:

  • You can go online and purchase them from the Dubrovnik City Walls official website webshop. It’s quick and easy.
  • If you’re more of an in-person kind of person, head to the Dubrovnik Walls ticket office right by the Large Onofrio fountain near the Pile Gate entrance to the Old Town. You can’t miss it.
  • Or, just buy your tickets at any of the three main entrances to the City Walls when you get there. Look for ticket booths at any of the three main entrances: Pile Gate, Ploče Gate, or near St. John’s Fort. It’s super straightforward – just show up, buy your ticket, and you’re ready to dive into history. This way, you have the flexibility to decide on the spot.
Buying your Dubrovnik City Walls tickets directly at the gates or official webshop avoids extra fees from online third-party sellers.

How to Purchase Dubrovnik City Walls Tickets Online

Getting your tickets online for the Dubrovnik City Walls is super straightforward and saves you a bunch of time. Here’s how you can snag them from the comfort of your home:

  1. First, make sure you’ve got your credit card handy and you’re connected to the internet.
  2. Head over to the official Dubrovnik City Walls website.
  3. Pick the date you want to visit and how many tickets you need.
  4. Enter your credit card info and hit the buy button.
  5. Boom! You’ll get an email confirmation with a barcode. You can print this out or just show it on your phone when you get there.
  6. At the entrance, a staff member will scan your barcode, and just like that, you’re ready to explore the walls without waiting in any lines!

However, a heads-up: online, you’ll find only adult and children ticket options. Students aiming for a discount need to buy their tickets in person, showing a valid student card. Purchasing tickets online is not just about ease; it’s also about making your trip to Dubrovnik smoother, letting you focus more on the excitement of exploration and less on the logistics.


Opening and closing times of Dubrovnik Walls

The Dubrovnik City Walls welcome visitors every day, with the only exceptions being major public holidays. They adjust their opening and closing times based on the season, staying open longer during the busy months. To make sure you get to see everything, remember that you can’t buy tickets less than an hour before they close. It’s a good idea to get there early, so you have plenty of time to take in all the sights along the City Walls.

DateOpen Hours
January 1 – February 2810:00 AM – 3:00 PM
March 1 – March 319:00 AM – 3:00 PM
April 1 – May 319:00 AM – 6:30 PM
June 1 – July 318:00 AM – 7:30 PM
August 1 – September 158:00 AM – 7:00 PM
September 16 – October 319:00 AM – 6:00 PM
November 1 – December 319:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Dubrovnik City Walls Opening and Closing Hours


What is included in the Dubrovnik Walls ticket?

Buying a ticket for the Dubrovnik City Walls lets you walk around the entire loop of the walls. This ticket is for a one-time entry and visit. If you step off the walls, you can’t come back on without buying a new ticket. Your ticket also gets you into Lovrjenac Fort, a separate structure from the walls but part of the city’s defenses.

Your ticket also gets you into the Western Outer Wall. It’s a bit hidden but find your way to the upper corner of the Old Town, under the Minčeta tower, and you’re there. Inside, there’s a cool museum set over a historical foundry, with a modern and well-done presentation. It’s a quiet spot, perfect if you’re looking to escape the crowds for a while.

Once your ticket is scanned, you have 72 hours (or 3 days) to use it. You can check out the fort first and then the walls, or vice versa, but you can only visit each place once with your ticket.

If you just want to see Lovrjenac Fort and not walk the walls, you can get a fort-only ticket for €15. Keep your ticket handy because if you decide you want to walk the walls after all, you can show your fort ticket at the walls’ ticket booth. They’ll let you upgrade to a walls ticket for an extra €20, covering the difference.

Dubrovnik Walls Tickets Tips

When planning to visit the Dubrovnik City Walls, a few tips can help you make the most of your experience and possibly save money:

Buy the Dubrovnik Pass: Especially if you’re spending a few days in Dubrovnik, this pass can be a real money-saver. Even the one-day pass, priced the same as a single City Walls ticket (€35), offers added value. It gives you access to several top attractions, including the City Walls, and comes with free public transport.

Check for Discounts: If you’re visiting in the off-season (November through February), you’re in luck! Dubrovnik City Walls tickets are cheaper—€15 for adults and €5 for children. It’s a great time to explore without the crowds and at a lower cost.

Student Discounts: If you’re a student, don’t forget to bring your valid International Student Card (ISIC) or European Youth Card for a discounted entry at €15. Remember, the discount applies only at the ticket office, not online, and they won’t accept virtual cards.

Buy Tickets at the Entrance: To avoid extra fees, purchase your tickets directly at one of the City Walls’ entrances or the official webshop. This way, you avoid third-party markups and ensure your money goes towards the preservation of the walls.


Must-see Dubrovnik Attractions

Plan Your Visit Time: Try to start your walk early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid crowds and the midday sun. The walls open at 8 am during peak season, so arriving early means cooler temperatures and fewer people.

One-Time Entry: Remember, your ticket allows for a single, continuous loop around the walls. Once you exit, re-entry requires a new ticket.

Fort Lovrijenac Included: Your Dubrovnik City Walls tickets also includes entry to Lovrjenac Fort, another significant part of Dubrovnik’s fortification system. Make sure to visit it within 72 hours of your walls visit.

Keep Your Tickets: While walking the Dubrovnik City Walls, always keep your tickets. Staff may ask to see them at any point during your journey, especially as you pass through various checkpoints or enter different sections of the walls.

Following these tips can help you have a smoother and more enjoyable visit to the Dubrovnik City Walls, one of the city’s most iconic and unmissable attractions.

Discovering the Walls of Dubrovnik is an unbeatable experience, offering a stunning glimpse into the charm of the Old Town alongside breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. Its rich history comes alive with every step.

This attraction suits everyone, whether you’re into learning about the past or just in it for the spectacular scenery. Many travelers mention that, although tickets may seem pricey at first, the experience is definitely worth both the time and money.

So why delay? Kick off your adventure now and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Dubrovnik City Walls!

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