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Kolumna Orlanda | Dubrownik | Jak odbyć najlepszą wizytę

Have you ever paused to admire Dubrovnik’s Orlando’s Column? This historic pillar, a key among Dubrovnik attractions, stands proudly in Luža Square, right in front of the Church of St. Blaise, and is an iconic part of the city’s architectural heritage within the Old Town. Many visitors are attracted to this column not only for its striking appearance but also to uncover the legends and stories that have surrounded it for centuries.

In this article, we’ll explore Orlando’s Column and delve into its rich history and the symbolism behind the sculpture. Furthermore, we’ll explore what it represents today, and how it continues to play a pivotal role in the city’s cultural traditions.

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Dubrovnik’s Orlando’s Column

Dubrownik Orlando’s Column: Symbol of Strength

In the middle of Dubrovnik, right on Luža Square and facing St. Blaise’s Church, you’ll find Orlando’s Column. It was set up by the people of Dubrovnik in 1418. This statue of the knight Orlando tells a big story about freedom and courage, which is central to Dubrovnik’s identity.

Dubrovnik’s Orlando’s Column is more than a statue. It celebrates the hero knight Orlando. Legend says he helped people beat their enemies and keep their freedom. This makes the column a powerful reminder of Dubrovnik’s fight for independence and its victory.

This column is in fact the oldest public sculpture in Dubrovnik. It was the only one for a long time that honored a real person. What’s more, most people think it was made to remember a visit from Emperor Sigismund after a big battle in 1396. While it is carved by the famous Italian sculptor, Bonino da Milano.

For years, Orlando’s Column has been a key spot in the city. It’s where people heard news and saw the Dubrovnik flag, showing the city was free. It was also a place for public talks and sometimes, even punishments. So, it’s been a place of importance and justice.

Even though a storm knocked it down in 1825, they fixed Orlando’s Column and put it back. It’s faced tough times and even vandalism, but it always stands tall again. The city takes good care of it, making sure it stays a proud part of Dubrovnik.

A Unique Measure

Interestingly, Orlando’s forearm was in fact used as a measure for trading fabric. This shows how the column was part of daily life in Dubrovnik, helping merchants in their work.

Today, Orlando’s Column is still at the heart of Dubrovnik’s culture. It’s where they start the Dubrovnik Summer Games every year, raising the Libertas flag. This keeps the spirit of freedom and the city’s strong heart going.

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Map of Dubrovnik Attractions (Orlando’s Column No 13. on the Map)

How to get to Dubrovnik’s Orlando’s Column

Getting to Orlando’s Column is super easy and exciting. First off, let’s start from the Brama Pile, the main entrance to the Old Town trough iconic Mury miejskie Dubrownika. Once you walk through Pile Gate, you’ll find yourself on the main street, Straduna.

The beautiful street will lead you right through the heart of the Old Town filled with Dubrovnik attractions and historical sites. You’ll see shops and cafes on both sides, perfect for a quick glance or a coffee stop.

Next, as you keep going, you’ll pass by the famous Fontanna Onufrego on your right. It’s big and hard to miss. Keep this landmark in mind because you’re on the right path.

On your left side, opposite from Onofrio’s Fountain, you’ll find the Kościół św. Zbawiciela i Klasztor Franciszkanów, which houses an old pharmacy, adding even more depth to your exploration of this mesmerizing area.

Keep moving forward, and soon, you’ll reach Luža Square. It’s a spacious and lively spot, often buzzing with people and sometimes local events.

Finally, there it is! Right in front of you, in the square, stands Dubrovnik’s Orlando’s Column. You can’t miss it. It’s tall, impressive, and has a knight holding a sword up high.

So, just remember, start at Pile Gate, walk down Stradun, pass by Onofrio’s Fountain, and head straight to Luža Square. Orlando’s Column will be waiting for you there, ready to tell its centuries-old stories. Enjoy your visit and soak in history! If you’re coming from the Airport, you can read our guide how to get to Dubrovnik’s Old Town!

Dubrovnik Attractions around Orlando’s Column

Right around Orlando’s Column, you’ll find a treasure trove of Dubrovnik’s most famous landmarks. Each step you take brings you closer to another piece of history. So, let’s start exploring!

First up, right behind you, stands the magnificent Kościół św. Błażeja. This church, dedicated to Dubrovnik’s patron saint, is a masterpiece of baroque architecture. After you’ve admired the column, turn around and take in the beauty of St. Blaise’s Church. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Then, if you look to your left, the Pałac Sponzy awaits. This stunning building blends Gothic and Renaissance styles perfectly. The Sponza Palace, once the heart of Dubrovnik’s bustling public life, now houses precious archives. It’s just a short walk from Orlando’s Column and well worth the visit.

Atrakcje Dubrownika, które trzeba zobaczyć

Next, as you continue your journey, you’ll come across the Bell Wieża. This striking landmark is in fact just a stone’s throw away from the column. The Bell Tower, with its famous Maro and Baro figures, chimes in the hour and adds to the square’s vibrant atmosphere. Don’t miss the chance to see it up close!

Moving on, a few steps away, you’ll find Luža Square. While not a building, this square is an open space that connects you to many of the city’s landmarks. It’s a hub of activity and a great place to soak in Dubrovnik’s lively atmosphere.

Lastly, a bit further down the road is the Pałac Rektorski. This historic building, once the seat of the Rector of the Republic, is now a museum. It’s filled with artifacts that tell the story of Dubrovnik’s glorious past. From Orlando’s Column, a leisurely stroll will get you there in no time.

So, starting from Orlando’s Column, you have a circle of incredible Dubrownik attractions and sights. Each landmark tells a part of Dubrovnik’s story, making your visit a journey through time. Enjoy exploring!

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