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Когда лучше ехать в Дубровник – познавательно

Wondering when is the best time to visit Dubrovnik? In this article, we will give you an overview of what to expect when visiting the city at different times of the year, detailing the Dubrovnik weather. Next, we’ll discover the best time for specific activities, and the level of tourist crowds you can expect each season.

Дубровник sits at Croatia’s southern tip, right by the sea. This means you’ll find the beautiful Adriatic Sea right on its doorstep. Perfect for swimming and water sports. The city has a maritime climate, with warm summers and mild winters. Dubrovnik is one of the most popular places in Croatia, but keep in mind, it’s smaller than other coastal towns like Split или Zadar. So, choosing the right time to visit can make your trip smoother. The historic old town can get crowded very fast. To avoid feeling packed in, planning ahead is key!

What is Dubrovnik weather like?

Dubrovnik’s climate dances to the Mediterranean tune, characterized by warm, sun-drenched summers and mild, damp winters.

  • From June to August expect highs around 30°C (86°F), ideal for diving into the Adriatic Sea.
  • Spring and autumn (April, May, September, October) offer slightly cooler highs in the low 20s°C (70s°F), perfect for sightseeing and outdoor exploration.
  • Winters are mild, rarely dipping below 10°C (50°F), inviting cozy strolls along the seaside.
  • While rain sprinkles throughout the year, November is the wettest month. Pack an umbrella just in case but know that sunshine reigns supreme with an impressive 250 sunny days annually.
  • Remember, the bora wind can occasionally sweep in, bringing chilly gusts, so pack a light jacket for good measure!
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The best time to visit Dubrovnik: What to Expect

Dubrovnik might draw more visitors at certain times, but tourists are here year-round. So, if you can’t travel during the “best” seasons, here’s what awaits you:

Dubrovnik in January and February: Quiet Beauty

The early part of the year in Dubrovnik is calm and tranquil. In fact, January is the coldest month in Dubrovnik. However, if you decide to visit in January, you might have a unique opportunity to take some nice photos without too many people around.

This is a good time to visit Dubrovnik for those who wish to explore without the hustle that comes with tourist seasons. Though the sea is chilly, the city itself is rich with indoor activities. Museums still work, and so do the city walls. Many restaurants are closed for holidays, but you can always find something good to eat.

You can expect temperatures ranging from 40°F to 55°F (4°C-13°C). Rain may be frequent but it’s still mild compared to more northern European climates.

Crowds: The crowds are virtually non-existent, making it perfect time for those looking for solitude.

What To Do: This is a great time to explore Dubrovnik City’s walls without the crowds. You can visit local museums и galleries and enjoy Dubrovnik’s attractions. You can also participate in the Festivity of St. Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik. It is celebrated on the 3rd of February but continuing into May with a variety of events, including a solemn Procession.

January is time of Dubrovnik Winter Festival. You can celebrate the festive season with decorated city lights, mulled wine and local crafts. The festival ends with the Carnival in February. While many restaurants take a break for the holidays, you’ll still find places to enjoy a good meal, especially in more local spots like bistro Glorijet, Konoba Tabak, or Gaffe Pub.

The only downside is that many restaurants and hotels are closed, and many acitivities are not available. The Old Town bars and nightlife go dormant.

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Dubrovnik in March, April and May

Best time to visit Dubrovnik for Outdoors

Spring months of March, April, and May offer a particularly pleasant experience with mild weather, fewer crowds, and a variety of events and activities. This is certainly the best time to visit Dubrovnik for those looking for outdoor exploration.

Expect temperatures from 55°F to 68°F (13°C-20°C). Rain becomes less frequent as the days grow longer and warmer.

Crowds: Tourist numbers are low, making it the best time to visit Dubrovnik if you want to avoid heavy crowds while enjoying nice weather.

Many hotels, restaurants, and bars in the Dubrovnik Old Town start opening after winter break. 

What To Do: Participate in the Oyster Festival in Ston, which takes place around St. Joseph’s Day (March 18). Enjoy Dubrovnik Music Wave, a series of concerts that take place across the city each April and May. While the sea is still a tad chilly for swimming, it’s ideal for sailing. Or you can take a boat trip to the nearby Korčula island.

The city streets aren’t yet swarmed with summer crowds, making it certainly a joy to wander amongst the historic Dubrovnik attractions. Plus, the mild temperatures are perfect for hitting the hiking trails, cycling along the coast, but also enjoying walks with breathtaking views. A good idea is to rent a car and visit the surroundings, especially the Pelješac peninsula. You can also consider taking day trips to Mostar или Montenegro.

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Dubrovnik in June, July and August: Peak Summer Season

The mid-year months are the peak of Dubrovnik’s tourist season, for good reason. The streets are buzzing with life, the days are sunny, and the Adriatic Sea is warm. It is certainly the best time to visit Dubrovnik for those looking for a beach vacation.

This is when Dubrovnik experiences its warmest and driest weather. Expect temperatures between 73°F to 86°F (23°C-30°C) and plenty of sunshine.

Crowds: High. These are the busiest months as everyone tries to soak up the Mediterranean sun, so be prepared for long lines and crowded attractions.

What To Do: Hit the beaches of Banje и Copacabana. Take in the breathtaking views atop Mount Srđ and enjoy busy beach bars and cafes. Explore nearby islands, for instance Lokrum или Лопуд. Dive into water activities like swimming, kayaking, or jet skiing. Consider beachfront accommodations for easy access.

Cultural and musical events fill June’s calendar, appealing to both locals and tourists. The Midsummer Scene festival showcases Shakespeare plays at Dubrovnik’s Fortress Lovrjenac. Le Petit Festival du Theatre offers a mix of performances from international artists, poets, dancers, and actors over three days. Late June also sees the International Operas Arias festival, a treat for classical music lovers.

Best time to visit Dubrovnik for beach vacation

If you’re into swimming or water sports, July is prime time to do it. You can spend your days exploring islands, relaxing on the beach, swimming, or even cliff diving near Остров Локрум. It’s smart to save city sights for late afternoon once the cruise ships head out. Although the city remains busy, it’s noticeably quieter than during the morning or early afternoon.

August in Dubrovnik mirrors July. Prepare for hot, dry weather with daytime temperatures soaring above 30°C (86°F). The sea feels inviting at around 25°C (77°F). The city buzzes with activity, beaches packed with visitors, and bars and restaurants fill to the brim. Even the streets of the old town can become impassable. We recommend steering clear of the old town from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Instead, enjoy your day beach-hopping, sea kayaking, or exploring the nearby Элафитские острова. If dining out, booking a table is a must. For those who love cultural events, Dubrovnik shines in August. Dubrovnik Summer Festival, from July 10 to August 25, offers a rich lineup of theater, classical music, dance, and performances in various open-air spots around the city.

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September – October:

Best time to visit Dubrovnik for outdoors

September and October are like summer’s cool-down in Dubrovnik! The hot days start to fade, but it’s still warm enough for swimming, walking, and exploring outdoors. In fact, it is the best time to visit Dubrovnik for those looking for fewer crowds and a calmer, more peaceful city.

Temperatures remain warm, ranging from 64°F to 77°F (18°C-25°C), with less humidity than during the previous months.

Crowds: Moderating from the summer season, which means you can enjoy the city’s attractions with more ease.

What To Do: The Dubrovnik Film Festival is taking place in late September! But also the Good Food Festival, where you can enjoy the flavors of the region’s cuisine. The streets of the city are not crowded at this time, providing a delightful experience as you visit Dubrovnik’s historic sites. Take a wine tour in the beautiful countryside and explore the local markets as the harvest season brings fresh produce.

Also, it is a good time to visit National Parks. You can explore the beauty of Национальный парк Млет. Visit the Элафитские острова for a quiet beach trip. Or take a day trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Discover the historic city of Mostar with its iconic bridge. The mild weather is perfect for hiking, cycling along the coast, or leisurely strolls.

November – December: The Off-Peak Season

Best time to visit Dubrovnik for budget friendly deals

The end of the year signals the off-peak season, when Dubrovnik is shrouded in a different kind of charm. Although the weather starts to get cooler, the city delights in the anticipation of the holiday season.

Temperatures drop to an average of 50°F (10°C), with the peak of rainfall in November. December is chilly but festive, and tourist facilities begin to close for the season.

Crowds: Very few tourists are in townThe city’s Christmas market, which brings a festive spirit to the Old Town.

What To Do: You can admire the city’s Christmas lights, or enjoy seasonal festivities. Take day trips to nearby towns such as Cavtat and enjoy a peaceful walk along the Страдун. The city’s Christmas market, which brings a festive spirit to the Old Town. Along with concerts and events hosted by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra.

Best time to visit Dubrovnik old town

The top time to visit Dubrovnik old town is from April to October. Early morning or late afternoon works best, especially in summer when it’s super busy and hot from 10 AM to 4 PM. In winter, with shorter days and fewer visitors, late morning or early afternoon is ideal for exploring the old town.

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Best time to visit Dubrovnik City Walls

The prime time to explore Dubrovnik city walls is from April to September, either in the early morning (8 AM to 10 AM) or late afternoon (after 4 PM). From October to March, it’s best to go in the late morning or early afternoon (10 AM to 1 PM), as mornings can be chilly and the town less lit for good photos. However, if you prefer fewer visitors, early morning (9 AM to 10 AM) is best, even in winter.

ДатаЧасы работы
1 января – 28 февраля10:00 – 15:00
1 марта – 31 марта9:00 – 15:00
1 апреля – 31 мая9:00 – 18:30
1 июня – 31 июля8:00 – 19:30
1 августа – 15 сентября8:00 – 19:00
16 сентября – 31 октября9:00 – 18:00
1 ноября – 31 декабря9:00 – 15:00
Dubrovnik City Walls Opening Hours

Dreaming of epic views and a historic walk? Don’t embark on Dubrovnik’s City Walls adventure without our comprehensive guide! Внутри вы найдете все, что вам нужно знать для приятного и незабываемого опыта: от выбора идеального входа до раскрытия скрытых секретов по пути.

So, when is the best time to visit Dubrovnik?

In short, pick what matters most and find your ideal Dubrovnik weather and time! There’s no one right time for everyone to visit Dubrovnik. Think about what you want to do, how you feel about different weather, and how crowded you like it. With this guide, you can pick the best time for your perfect Dubrovnik trip.

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