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Which Entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town to Use and Why

Have you ever thought about walking historic Dubrovnik Old Town? Surrounded by famous City Walls, this area is like a living museum. Wander through charming streets and discover historic landmarks around every corner. From grand churches to impressive buildings, Dubrovnik Old Town promises a fascinating journey through history. But which entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town should you use?! In this article we’ll explore Dubrovnik Old Town entrance and gates while providing tips on accessing the town and share advice that will enhance your visiting experience.

Let’s start by answering some of the most common questions regarding Dubrovnik Old Town entrances!

Dubrovnik Old Town Entrance FAQ

Do you have to pay for entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town?

Nope, exploring Dubrovnik’s Old Town itself is in fact completely free! You can wander through the charming streets, admire the architecture, and soak up the atmosphere without needing a ticket. However, some specific attractions within the Old Town have entrance fees, such as museums or certain buildings.

This walking tour with Dubrovnik Old Town Map lets you explore the heart of the city without breaking the bank.

Is Dubrovnik Old Town entrance wheelchair accessible?

Both the Pile Gate and Ploče Gate are wheelchair accessible. However, full wheelchair accessibility within Dubrovnik’s Old Town can be challenging. The historic center has cobblestone streets and some steep inclines. It’s always a good idea to check accessibility details for specific attractions you’d like to visit within the Old Town.

What time does Dubrovnik Old Town entrance close?

The beauty of Dubrovnik’s Old Town is that it doesn’t have a closing time! The entrances, streets and squares within the Old Town are accessible 24/7. This means you can in fact explore at your own pace, day or night.

How many gates does Dubrovnik Old Town have?

Dubrovnik’s Old Town has three gates: Pile Gate, Ploče Gate and in addition to them, less known Buža Gate.

What are the gates to Dubrovnik Old Town and why are they called gates?

Pile Gate, Ploče Gate and Buža Gate are the historic entry points to Dubrovnik’s Old Town. They were built centuries ago as part of the city’s defensive walls. These gates weren’t just entrances – they also served as important checkpoints to control who came and went from the city. So, calling them “gates” reflects their historical role as both a grand entrance and a crucial part of Dubrovnik’s defenses.

Dubrovnik Old Town entrance
To make things easier for you here’s a map of the Dubrovnik Old Town entrances. It shows where the walls are and points out the entrances. This should help you plan your visit better.

So, if you’re all set to explore the Old Town, with your hat on and sunscreen ready, you might be asking yourself how to get in there. Where do you find the Dubrovnik Old Town entrance?

Let’s get straight to the point: The main entrance into Dubrovnik Old Town is the Pile Gate on the Western side of the town. But, keep in mind, there are two more entrances you can use. Choosing one of these can really make your visit to the Old Town even better.


Where is the Entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town

Alright, let’s dive in: You’ve got in fact three options for entering the Old Town:

  1. Pile Gate: Is the entrance to the Old Town from the Western side. Google Maps!
  2. Ploče Gate: Is the entrance to the city’s famous old town from the Eastern side. Google Maps!
  3. Buža Gate: Is the northern entrance to the Old Town. Google Maps!

Pile Gate Entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town

You’ll find Pile Gate on the western side of the City Walls, leading in fact directly into Stradun Street, Dubrovnik’s Old Town main promenade. Pile Gate is also the busiest entrance to Dubrovnik’s Old Town because it’s where all the tour buses and Dubrovnik’s public transportation buses drop off people. It’s also the starting point for walking tours and has the Tourist Info office. In addition, Pile Gate is one of two wheelchair accessible entrances.

Here, you have the option of exploring the Walls as in fact the main way to get onto the famous Dubrovnik City Walls is right by the Pile Gate. To get there, go through the Pile Gate and head down to Stradun, the main street. Look on your left, and you’ll see the Church of Saint Savior across from the Large Onofrio’s Fountain. Just to the left of the church, there’s in fact an entrance with a set of stairs. 

You also have the option of exploring the Franciscan Monastery or walk to the end of the Stradun Street to quaint Luža Square. Luža Square is surrounded by some impressive sights, such as the Clock Tower, Gradska Kavana Café, Theatre Marin Drzic, the Rector’s PalaceOrlando’s Column, the St. Blaise Church and Onofrio’s small fountain.

Pile Gate entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town
Pile gate is the main entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town from West.

Ploče Gate Entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town

You’ll find Ploče Gate on the eastern side of the Old Town, leading to the end of Stradun Street, Dubrovnik’s Old Town main promenade. Ploče Gate is lesser busy entrance to Dubrovnik’s Old Town and in addition to Pile Gate is one of two wheelchair accessible entrances. This gate reveals a panoramic view of the Old Town Port, showcasing its historic walls and the azure Adriatic Sea in all their glory. 

Here, you have another option of exploring the Dubrovnik City Walls. To reach the eastern City walls entrance easily, walk down beside the huge walls of Fort Revelin until you come to a little bridge you need to cross. Keep going down St. Dominik’s Street with the eye-catching Dominican Monastery on your right. Make sure to keep an eye out on your left so you don’t miss the small Gothic-style Church of St Luke. Right next to it, there’s a stone archway. Go through this archway, and you’ll find the ticket booth for the City Walls entrance.

Similarly, if you’re heading in Old Town, continue walking till the end of St. Dominik Street that feeds directly into Stradun and Luža Square.

Ploče Gate entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town.
Ploče Gate is the entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town from the East.

Buža Gate Entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town

Buža Gate might not look as grand as the other two gates, but it’s a lesser-known entrance to the Old Town from the North, close to the cable car station. Unlike the more prominent Pile and Ploče Gates, Buža sits somewhat off the beaten path, giving it a more secluded feel. This gate opens directly onto the less crowded, yet equally charming, parts of the Old Town. Here, you can explore the narrow lanes and discover the local shops and cafes that offer a quieter slice of Dubrovnik life.

Because of its elevated position you can enjoy the views of the Old Town, meanwhile the access is via stepped alley, so not wheelchair accessible.

Buža Gate entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town.
Buža Gate is the entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town from the North.

How to Get to Dubrovnik Old Town

Heading to the iconic Dubrovnik Old Town and wondering how to get there from different parts of the city? Don’t worry; it’s simpler than you might think. Here’s your guide to making your way, no matter where you’re starting from within Dubrovnik.

From Gruz Harbor

If you’re near Gruz Harbor, your best bet is to hop on one of the local buses heading towards Old Town – look for lines 1A, 1B, or 3. These buses run frequently and will drop you off close to Pile Gate. It’s a quick and easy ride, usually taking around 15 minutes.

From Lapad

In the beautiful area of Lapad? You’re in luck because it’s just a short bus ride away. Catch bus line 4, which will take you directly to Pile Gate. The journey should take about 20 minutes, giving you a lovely glimpse of Dubrovnik along the way.

From Babin Kuk or Lapad Bay

For those staying further out in Babin Kuk or around Lapad Bay, bus line 6 is your go-to option. This line also heads to Pile Gate, offering a scenic route along the coastline before reaching the historic heart of Dubrovnik. Expect a travel time of about 25 minutes.

From the Airport

If you’re coming directly from Dubrovnik Airport you’re in luck because we have complete guide on the best way to get to Dubrovnik Old Town from the airport and vice-versa.


Dubrovnik is a pedestrian-friendly city, especially around the Old Town. If you’re within a reasonable distance, consider walking to the Dubrovnik Old Town entrances. It’s a wonderful way to see more of the city’s stunning architecture and vibrant street life. Plus, you’ll get some great photos along the way!

Must-see Dubrovnik Attractions

Discover More of Dubrovnik

For further exploration of Dubrovnik, check out Dubrovnik comprehensive travel guide, filled with itineraries, activities, and all you need to plan your visit to this historic city.

Enjoy Your Visit!

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